Royalty Free Music – What Every Media Producer Needs to Know

Now it’s easier than ever to create our own ‘media’ whether on Myspace, Facebook or Twitter, podcasts, websites, even making movies or TV shows is now relatively easy, because digital cameras are cheaper than ever, and video editing is easy to do on almost any computer. More and more people create their own works and want to use music in them. While music has never been so easy to find in stores to download all over the internet, using it legally in your own pieces can be a minefield – and costly if you make a mistake! There is a quick and simple alternative that everyone from home manufacturers to major broadcasters uses, called Royalty Free Music.

So what’s this? The easiest way to understand this is to look at the problems that are designed to help you avoid. As a multimedia creator, using music without a proper license can be a risky strategy, as a reckless producer can face legal challenges for copyright infringement with all the attendant hassles and costs. Let’s say you’re making a video (advertising video, YouTube video, TV show – it doesn’t matter) and you want to include a famous song in your soundtrack. You need permission from the songwriter and record holders (or their publishers), which can take a lot of time and money. You may also have to pay for pay-as-you-go, which means that if a song is included in your soundtrack 3 times, you pay 3 times, if your video is shown on TV 3 times, you will also pay 3 fees. Music without royalties is one way to get around this problem by offering music that you have a “pre-license” for so you can use it in your multimedia projects as often as you want without paying anymore.

Is there enough music without royalties? A quick internet search will show you a variety of websites with available music. They range from small individual entrepreneurs to large corporations, and the quality of music varies between them.

However, many of them are of high quality, their music is written and performed by recognized music industry professionals who also write and perform songs from the charts, music from the best films and more. You can easily find music of excellent quality, so it’s worth looking around and listening to what’s on offer. Many sites offer previews of their music as hi-fi, often full of tracks, so it’s easy to hear music as Hi-Fi and make choices.

Most sites have an easy way to find music by style, speed and genre, making it easier to find the right music. Then you just need to make a small one-time fee and download the file in mp3 format or wav in high quality. Most of the license conditions on different sites are very similar, but be sure to read the terms of the license to make sure they are appropriate for your project.

Royalty Free Music is a quick and easy way to add high quality music to almost any multimedia product. A simple license gives you the confidence that you have no legal problems. It is widely used by all types of media producers, including web designers, independent media producers, including national broadcasters and major Hollywood film companies. Licensing music in this way is inexpensive, but the days when “stock music” sounded cheap are long gone, and a quick search, no doubt, will find for you stunning soundtracks!