Understanding Process Serving

If you’ve ever been a part of any kind of legal proceeding, you may have gone through the process of either being served, or serving someone with legal documents. The act of process Bay Area process servers serving is when a company delivers one of many different types of legal documents to the person named in the documents. This is actually an extremely important process because in many states, certain legal documents are only effective or binding if they are actually placed into the hands of the person named in those documents. This isn’t always the case, as in some states it is legal to give the documents to someone that lives with the person named in the documents and it will still be legally binding.

Process serving is carried out by process servers, these are the actual people who go out and hand these legal documents to the person named in them, or the person that they live with (obviously depending on local laws). If you need to have legal documents delivered to someone then you will need to have the services of a process server. This will include documents such as divorce papers, court summons, and other similar papers.

There are some companies which are totally focused on process serving and there are other companies which may offers several different kinds of services including process serving. This service is often coupled with other services offered by a San Francisco delivery company, because the act of going to a specific location and delivering papers is something which is obviously very similar to all the work done by a delivery company, making them a natural company to also have a process serving department.

If you do need to hire a process server be sure that you are hiring form a company that is trustworthy and reliable. Any time that you are dealing with a company that is going to be touching documents belonging to your company which are confidential or important in nature, such as most legal documents are, then you need to make sure that those companies can be relied upon to protect the security of those documents and to properly deliver them in the case of any served papers. This is why if you’re hiring a process server, one of the best things you can do is ask them for some references to check before you actually allow them to take on any work for your company.