Top 7 Benefits Of Flexible LED Display To Boost Your Business

The maximum brightness of the transparent LED display is up to 7500nit, so that the screen is clearly visible during the day. ● It can be connected to a computer, graphics card and external transceiver via a network cable, or it can be controlled wirelessly by an external cluster to change the screen content at any time. ▸ Flexible control mode supports remote control of the web network and the display content of the screen is updated automatically and regularly. Plug and play and supports U-drive to update content in real time, which is convenient and fast. ● The display module looks like a grid consisting of a group of linear LED lights.

In addition, transparent LED screens have low power consumption, which allows the public to use them commercially without any problems. Many people also use these displays as digital signage displays or for a transparent video wall. A thin LED screen provides a better display, and people use it for advertising media and products. When launching new products, transparent LED wall digital signage displays are the best way to promote your products and their features through the video content on these screens.

Transparent LED screens have played an important role in commercial windows, interior decoration, building facades and other areas, causing new stores to undergo a major change. As we all know, the shop window is an important means for stores to display and promote products. The emergence of new stores will inevitably promote the development of the commercial display market, and at the same time it has also created a certain incremental market for LED displays. Transparent LED screens have polyethylene or polycarbonate terephthalate structures and solid and flexible materials. You can use them in country estates without worrying about environmental protection or damage caused by external factors.

Focused on constant innovation and continuous improvement, we now have a research and development team of 30 engineers and have still obtained 45 patents. Taking into account efficiency and functionality in design, the transparent LED display uses lightweight designed aluminum and patented LED technology. This means that the weight of the transparent LED display module is only 10 kilograms per square meter, making them more cost-effective to carry and easier and safer to assemble.

At the same time, the LED display is more absorbent, which can save costs and have advertising benefits. This design significantly reduces the blocks of the structural unit in sight, while at the same time significantly increasing the transparency of the glass wall. When the audience is in an idea position, the super-transparent LED screen can create a special display effect: for the audience, the images appear to float on the glass wall.

First of all, you need to decide whether your LED wall will be an indoor or outdoor installation. Transparent outdoor screens require more brightness during the day and less at night. The high brightness on the inner video walls will strain the eyes of the viewers and this will not be good. Before considering an LED wall investment, think about where you’re going to place it. Depending on that, you can determine the size, resolution, brightness, pixel pitch, and power requirements for your screen.

Shopping malls are also very high-end places and advertising should be exquisite. In the atrium of the mall, raising a transparent LED screen will make your brand and your ad attractive. This reproduction method can also reduce energy consumption and light pollution, thus responding to the national call for energy savings and emission reductions.

The weight of the same size area is more than 50% lighter than the traditional display. Compared to the traditional LED display case, it is lighter and smaller in space. The Museum of Science and Technology is an important platform for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. As a high-tech effects screen, people can perceive the magic and mystery of technology through a transparent LED display. The transparent LED display is an effective combination of modern art and shopping mall environment.

In addition, you can significantly reduce background pressure and installation costs with each installation method you choose. Outdoor advertising has always led screen supplier been the most important market for LED screens. Conventional outdoor advertising LED screens can illuminate the city and release information during work.