The Top 100 Horror Movies Of All Time, Critics Say

The Puritan horror thriller (what a genre!It’s not just one of the scariest movies in a decade that’s been stacked for horror movies, but one of the scariest of all time. Your official guide to the scariest things in our favorite horror movies! Nicole Kidman plays the mother of two young children with a photosensitive disorder that forces them to stay inside this clearly mature ghost story that took place on the island of Jersey in 1945. The shock here is incremental and subtle, not fueled by absolute terror, but by doors that close or pianos that play alone. This is an adult psychological horror built on intelligence and an attractive and solid foundation of old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Nasties video and dirty B movies have been re-evaluated as brilliant. And genre filmmakers like Wes Craven and John Carpenter have been elevated to the same historical level as genre ancestors like Michael Powell and Hitchcock … Administrators ดูหนังฟรี whose credentials evoked a bloodlust that shocked the audience like a madman lurking behind the shower curtain. If you watch horror movies in honor of those scary vacations in October, look no further than the appropriately named Halloween.

Perhaps the most annoying scary children’s movie there is, The Innocents has been adapted by none other than Truman Capote from Henry James’ novel The Turn of the Screw, about a governess hired to train two aristocratic brats who may be hiding a dark and supernatural secret. He consciously tried to distinguish his film from Hammer’s operatic antics, director Jack Clayton created a masterpiece of moderation, from Deborah Kerr’s main achievements to the film’s innovative yet subtly used electronic score. By customizing their own short Within the Woods, sensible friends Raimi, producer Robert Tapert and star Campbell raised money from local businesses and went to the forest to create one of the brightest, most original and brutal horror movies of all time. Of course it looks a bit rough now (and it still has censored tree rape scene is unnecessarily mean), but The Evil Dead is still an inspiration for filmmakers, a testament to the power of clay modeling, glue and common sense.

It’s hard enough to move into an apartment and start a family without struggling with the enveloping suspicion that your new neighbors could be Satanists out to raise a demon child through you. There are some more explicit key scenes, a possible nighttime rape and a chilling climax, which serve to get right under our skin without the whole premise looking ridiculous. Farrow and Cassavetes’ performances as a disintegrating couple serve Polanski well in their attempt to make the possible alienation from everyday family life feel terrible, and the false and naive score, which evokes lullabies, makes it doubly as intoxicating as possible. Horror films are at their best when fear comes from the human condition itself. That’s what makes Jordan Peele one of the most essential movie events in the recent memory. With British actor Daniel Kaluuya as Chris, a photographer who accompanies his white girlfriend for a weekend with his parents becoming sour, the horror of the film comes out of the mirror that supports the continuing threat of racism in society.

Operators with twisted eroticism, such as a Parisian prostitute, are terrified of the threatening phone calls of their vengeful ex-pimp. The Russian vampire tradition informs The Wurdalak, which begins with the discovery of a stabbed and headless corpse, and then continues to gigantic, atmospheric scenes of bloodsucking. A nurse who steals a valuable ring from a corpse is haunted by guilt in The Drop of Water. The visual debt that Argento’s Inferno Suspiriaand must owe is very clear. Before the creepy mastermind of Robert Eggers made Robert Pattinson and William Dafoe run drunk at The Lighthouse, we were really afraid of The Witch.

From fashion in the best sense of the sentence, Medak’s often neglected supernatural thriller uses pure cinematic technique to scare us enormously. Master Scott plays a well-known composer who, after the death of his wife and son in a car accident, takes on a job as a teacher in Seattle and moves to a mysterious and spooky Victorian house. Even the most trite scenes, such as a spirit session in which a scribbling medium tries to connect with the restless mind of the murdered child, are performed with perfect skill and emotional conviction. Guillermo del Toro claims that the best ghost stories have a melancholy hangover. With Repulsion, Rosemary’s Babyand finally put down this Paris-based film, the Polish director proved that he was a master of changing the modest floor into a terrifying home.