The Complete Guide to the Path of Exile Archnemesis Modifiers and How They Affect the Game

Along with the launch of Path of Exile’s newest expansion, Siege of the Atlas, the Archnemesis Challenge League got its start at the same time. This event kicks off a brand-new cycle of new content that will last for thirteen weeks and also serves as the occasion for each player to create a brand-new League character from the ground up. You will find statues of petrified monsters in each region as you explore everything the update has to offer. These statues can be found throughout the game. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the new Archnemesis mechanic, including how these statues function and the modifiers that they offer.

Path of Exile’s Guide to Archnemesis Modifiers and Statues: How They Work

The gist of the new League is as follows, in the event that you have not seen our preview of Siege of the Atlas. The majority of the game’s environments will now feature unique boss fights thanks to Archnemesis. This indicates that as you move from one quest to the next or complete a map in the Atlas of Worlds, you will come across several statues, each of which is holding a petrified monster hostage inside of it. You will need at least one Archnemesis Modifier in order to start the encounter after it has been set up.

These are known as modifiers, and they are POE Curreny Items that confer an advantage on the adversary by bestowing upon them a particular condition. Each one of them consists of a certain level, the buff itself, and a type of reward that you will receive if you are successful in eliminating the adversary. You can find Archnemesis Modifiers as drops from blue to unique monsters. There is no assurance that you will always be successful in acquiring one, but in my observations, the drop chance has been relatively high.

You can loot modifiers once you find them, and once you do, they will be added to a separate inventory screen that is dedicated entirely to the new League mechanic. Because the display is an 8×8 grid, you have the capacity to keep track of up to 64 different modifiers at once. It might look like a large number, but if you don’t use them, they’ll start to pile up, so you should definitely keep the space in mind, even if it’s separate from your main inventory.

Now, proceed to any of the statues in the area and activate the glowing icon that is located atop each one of them. This will open the screen for the modifiers, as well as a more compact screen on the right side of the screen with up to four slots. To begin the encounter, select a modifier, decide which one you want to use, put it in the appropriate slot, and then press the start button.

The catch is that the Archnemesis Modifier actually gives the monster an advantage, allowing it to reap the benefits that are conferred by the modifier. All of the modifiers that have been applied to the area up to this point will be passed down to any newly petrified monsters that appear in the area. This indicates that the second encounter will have two modifiers, the third encounter will have three modifiers, and the fourth encounter will have all four of Curreny Items add it to your favorites. It is a great way to further increase the rewards you receive; however, the fights will become more difficult with each subsequent attempt.

The Complete List of Archnemesis Modifiers for Path of Exile’s League Mechanic

Yes, as you might have anticipated, there is a great deal of Archnemesis Modifiers to discover. However, you can only use one type of modifier in each area, so keep this in mind in case you’d rather save them for a later area. You can only use one modifier type in each area.

Following this, you will find the complete list of modifiers:

  • Overcharged is a status effect that causes the monster to gradually grant charges to itself as well as to allies
  • The monster possesses pinpoint accuracy and can score hits
  • Sentinel: This monster has block and spells block as additional abilities
  • When the monster is hit, the reckoning begins
  • Steel-Infused: This monster has increased physical damage as well as increased resistance to physical damage
  • Flameweaver gives the monster resistance to fire damage and increases its fire damage
  • Hasted: Monster is much more nimble
  • Berserker: Monster enrages as it loses life
  • Weaver of Chaos This monster has resistance to chaos damage and an increased chance to deal it
  • Frostweaver is a monster that is imbued with the ability to resist and deal damage from cold
  • Toxic: Monsters possess increased levels of poison power
  • Echoist is a monster ability that allows it to repeat a skill multiple times
  • Permanent Frost: This monster possesses enhanced freezing and chilling abilities
  • The monster possesses enhanced ignite powers, making it incendiary
  • Monster has enhanced projectile capabilities and will, at regular intervals, fire a barrage of mortars, according to Bombardier
  • Arcane Buffer gives the monster enhanced energy shield abilities and causes it to unleash a stunning nova whenever the energy shield is broken
  • The Stormweaver monster has resistance to lightning damage and lightning damage itself
  • Dynamo: Monster possesses enhanced shock capabilities