IPhone Security: Top Tips For Protecting Your IPhone

While there are many to choose from, Adobe Lightroom CC is one of the best iPhone editing mobile apps out there. While we’re talking about Apple products in this review, you can also use this gimbal with most Android smartphones. Battery life has an efficiency of Oplader iPhone 80% and is made of high-quality components, such as soft-touch rubber, which fits wonderfully in the hand. Fortunately, the average iPhone not only has a great camera, but you can also enhance the smartphone photography experience with some great accessories.

We like the subtlety of this design, as it keeps your valuables accessible but hidden, rather than functioning like a thick, bulky wallet attached to the back of your phone. If you’ve had enough of frayed and misplaced iPhone charging cables, these brightly colored Anker cables can be an easy solution. Their surprisingly smooth texture makes them stand out compared to other cables, and they come with a handy strap so you can keep them clean, tidy, and tangle-free. There are plenty of colors to choose from, including yellow, pink, green, and white. When you need to charge your phone, your phone should now be charged.

The smart design and plethora of features of the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 are suitable for both novice and casual videographers, and the reasonable price fits nicely with the whole package. Smartphones are taking the scene of photography by storm, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we leave traditional cameras behind in favor of more compact options. Rapidly evolving optical technologies for smartphones make it possible to capture exceptionally sharp and detailed images with little effort. Instead, the app recognizes certain hand gestures to start filming or taking photos. What’s more, the device also acts as a wireless power bank, so if your phone runs out of power, you can turn it back on by simply placing it on the PowerVision S1.

If you’re using your iPhone for gaming and want to replicate a console experience, especially in titles like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, the Razer Kishi is the peripheral for you. It connects through the charging port and clamps to the sides of the phone. Sure, it looks more Game Gear than Nintendo Switch, but it gives you clickable analog thumbsticks and a d-pad – that’s rare for mobile gaming. Another option is the £59.95 Rotor Riot game controller, which looks like an Xbox pad. Stick one of these little Apple-branded Trackers on your iPhone and you can quickly locate your smartphone.

These WIRED tested stands and pads eliminate the hassle of charging your iPhone or Android phone. Plastic is the most common material used for phone cases, usually polycarbonate, TPU or a mixture of the two. That case is likely to tie in with the rising tide of plastic waste and could easily survive.

Andrew Hayward is a Chicago-based writer who has been covering technology and video games since 2006. His areas of expertise include smartphones, wearables, smart home devices, video games and esports. Danny Chadwick has been writing about technology since 2008 and has produced hundreds of features, articles and reviews on a wide range of topics. He specializes in mobile audio equipment and reviewed several of the speakers on our list. Apple’s AirPods are undoubtedly the easiest and most versatile way to listen to music and podcasts on your iPhone, and they also have great battery life and sound quality. However, for singing songs at a party, JBL’s Charge 4 is hard to beat.

In low-light situations, the iPhone’s built-in flash can work in no time. However, most of us have experienced the limitations firsthand: mostly harsh light, lack of power adjustment, etc. The only difference with the Muku Shuttr is that it connects to your iPhone and controls the trigger via BlueTooth.

According to Apple, the Powerbeats Pro has 60% less harmonic distortion compared to the PowerBeats3, which is easy to hear during testing. The sound is clear and clear in the upper register and the separation of the instruments is clearly distinguishable, a real feast for your ears. The music feels dynamic, aggressive and fast, which is exactly what you need when you’re at the gym. This makes it one of the must-have accessories for the iPhone 11 Pro: they are a perfect match made in the sky. You don’t have to worry about the battery either: during testing, I discovered that I can play music for almost 11 hours.