Hair Stylist Are Independent Contractors: Freedom, Profit and Success

Career in it – “Freedom.” Many hairdressers are independent entrepreneurs who strive to succeed and be the best in their field. Hairdressers usually look for jobs as salon owners, independent contractors renting booths, and stylists on commissions. Many hairdressers all over the country are self-employed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points to the fact that […]

Like Your Own Cable Channel – Social Media for Financial Advisors

Social media has taken the world by storm. Apps such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. The world of financial services and, in particular, the market of independent brokers and traders is not immune from the impact of social networking tools and technologies. With more […]

The Secret to Using Social Media to Build a Massive Fan Base

Technology has had a huge impact on the music industry. According to a 2013 Study by Music Think Tank, more than 40% of people consume music through social media. Employees start their working day by visiting the most popular social networks. Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, Avery and Alyssa Bernal have been discovered online. Russell Simmons, […]

Royalty Free Music – What Every Media Producer Needs to Know

Now it’s easier than ever to create our own ‘media’ whether on Myspace, Facebook or Twitter, podcasts, websites, even making movies or TV shows is now relatively easy, because digital cameras are cheaper than ever, and video editing is easy to do on almost any computer. More and more people create their own works and […]

Who Is the Australian Communications and Media Authority?

ACMA stands for the Australian Communications and Media Authority and is the governing body representing industry and consumers across All Australian Media. Here are some of the highlights of ACMA over the past 12-18 months: Public inquiry into customer service and complaints in the telecommunications sectorReview of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s national classification system […]

Multi-Media Advertising For Auto Dealers – How You Can Double Your Marketing ROI In 2011!

First, let’s look at the landscape of media advertising in 2011; Then find out how your strategy fits and, more importantly, how you maximize the ROI of your advertising within these metrics. According to Carat, a leading independent media communications agency, total advertising spending in the United States will increase by 1.7% in 2011. “It […]

Why Media Audits Are a Good Thing

Issues and answers with media audience pioneer Stephen White, founder of EMM, London, why audit is important for risk management and responsibility Stephen White, who more than a decade ago founded his auditing firm, EmM (Effective Media Management), to evaluate, compare and monitor advertisers’ media investments, believes that as media becomes more complex, “agencies should […]

The Twin Rivers Media Festival is Not Your Typical Film Festival

The Twin Rivers Media Festival takes place annually on the first weekend of May in Asheville, North Carolina. All profits of the festival after (advertising) expenses will go to filmmakers and media artists. Next year will be the 15th season of the Twin Rivers Media Festival. Festival judges begin screening films in March and April […]

Egypt’s Independent Media

Egypt’s independent media became a battleground in the months before November’s legislative elections. He was already in the spotlight after the broadcast of the controversial television series Al-Gamaa, which talked about the origins of the Muslim Brotherhood. The vigorous and rapid shutdown of some of the Government’s most ardent critics, as well as the arrests […]