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Pepega is a emote used by twitch users.

If you love showing your emotions through the facial expressions of actors then you know what is an emote. This one of the most famous emote.

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  • What does Pepega mean?
  • How is Pepega Pronounced?
  • What are Twitch streams?
  • Define Pepega:
  • Use and expressions of Pepega emote:
  • What is an emote?
  • Pepega Origin / History:
  • What is Pepega Clap?
  • Pepega PNG
  • Pepega megaphone
  • Pepega Song
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

What does Pepega mean?

Pepega meaning is a twitch emote of a frog known as Pepe the Frog.

It is used to express a comic and a stupid face.

Its expressions make it look naturally humor.

How is Pepega Pronounced?

It is pronounced as “peh-pey-guh”

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You must be thinking,

What are Twitch streams?

Twitch streams are live video streaming services.

For live video streaming you must have a good webcam for streaming.

These Emotes are commonly used on this platform to express yourself through emotes.

If you ask me in simple words,

Define Pepega:

It is defined as a twitch emote.


Use and expressions of Pepega emote:

It is used to express that something is stupid.

It is mostly used with slangs like “retard” and “for san”.

Before I tell you more about it and its origin I would like you to know,

What is an emote?

Emotes are simple expressions used by streamers in live chats to express themselves.

There are thousands of emotes which can be added as per your choice and then you can also use then in your personal chats.

Emotes are also used in Memes.

This is one of the most commonly used emote.What is an emote

What is an emote

Pepega Origin / History:

In 2018 a Discord Adew used Pepe the Frog to express himself, this was the first time it was used in a chat.

The character of Pepe the frog was used even before as emote and was very happily accepted and used by users.

Just 5 days after this emote was added to FrankerFacez, it was also added by Forsen’s chat.

Many emotes were added with this but this was more loved by users.

Emotes have become very famous in memes nowadays. Other famous emotes are Poggers, Sadman, and Pepehands.

What is Pepega Clap?

It is an extended version of the original emote.

It is the original one with EZ clap hands.pepega clap

pepega clap

Pepega PNG

PNG images are images that can be used anywhere.

PNG means Portable Network Graphic Images

Commonly PNG images are used in memes.

You can easily find some here Download

Pepega Transparent

These images can be downloaded and used anywhere. Most commonly they are used in memes.

You can find some here Download

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Pepega megaphone

It is the same emote screaming “foresen” very loudly, it has been named so because it is seen screaming with a megaphone.

This is an alternative emote by a twitch user in October 208

Pepega Song

It is a song completely about emotes and jokes about streaming made by some users using just drum and lean piano.

Here is the Pepega song with lyrics.


Where is Pepega From?

A Discord Adew in 2018 used the Frog named Pepe to express himself, this was the first time when it was used in a chat. After this the character of Pepe the frog was used even before as emote and was very happily accepted and used by users.

How do you get pepega emote?

You can get this emote on BBTV browser by these simple steps

  1. Go to the Setting of BBTV.
  2. Click on appearance
  3. Enable BBTV emotes

Who invented Pepega?

Adew, Discord used Pepe the frog in his chat on 8th April 2018. FrankerFacez immediately on the same day added it in their emotes. It was loved by the users so much that it has many different new versions also.

How do you get poggers?

To use poggers you must have a BBTV browser and you can enable the emotes that for live chats by these simple steps.

  1. Go to the Setting of BBTV.
  2. Click on appearance.
  3. Enable BBTV emotes.
  4. You will find poggers emotes there.

How do I add emote to BBTV

Follow these simple steps to enable emotes on your BBTV browser:

  1. Go to the Setting of BBTV.
  2. Click on appearance.
  3. Enable BBTV emotes.


  • Pepega is a emote of “Pepe the frog”, commonly used by Twitch streamers and now getting popular in Memes also.
  • Its expressions mean stupid and retard, commonly it is used with slangs like “retard” and also “for san”
  • It was first used by a discord user and the same day FrankerFacez added it to the emotes on their site.
  • PNG and Transparent images of this emote is commonly used in memes to ad expression to their memes.
  • With time there are many versions of this emote which are becoming very popular.
  • Some fans of this Pepega emote also made a song on this emote.