Quick and easy access to a crucial tool such as a screwdriver can be a real game changer, which is why this Luca Elf Aid key ring is so clutch. By having both standard screwdriver custom wood keychains heads on a key ring, you never have to worry about not having a full screwdriver nearby. Create your own cute key rings with this simple DIY fabric key ring!

Suddenly you become your own traveling fantasy, from Consell to literally everywhere. Each set comes with six fun filled mini emojis that can be attached to a zipper or key ring. Each filled key ring measures approximately 2.5 inches and is made of soft plush fabric.

An integral part of your EDC, the key ring is designed to be portable, compact, lightweight and large enough to manage your many keys and still fit in a pocket. Well, we don’t really expect them to be on your key ring now. If you’re looking for cleaner products, check out our collection of great technology and great knives. We can all have flashlights on our phones today, but the convenience of a light on your key ring. With 25 lumens, the LED light on the Pixel key ring will certainly illuminate any dark alley you find. Also, with its small construction, you probably won’t even notice it on your key ring.

When not needed, they fold small and stay out of the way. Another item to cut out on your key ring is a multi-bag tool. A multiple tool combines multiple tools, such as pliers and scissors, in one unit. If you are an adventurous traveler, cutting a multiple tool on your carabiner can save your life. A key ring is an accessory that connects your daily transport, including your car keys and pocket knife.

Of course, if you lose your keys all the time, it might not be a good idea to add another valuable item to the ring. With a closed length of 2.9 inches and a blade length of 2.1 inches, this knife is really a mini, but don’t let anyone tell you that two inches is not enough. This sharp stainless steel blade is strong enough to meet your EDC requirements, from cutting clothes or tire labels to sawing wood. The padlock design keeps the blade tightly closed and fits easily on the key ring or on your pocket.

A key ring can be symbolic or strictly aesthetic, but it can also be a small tool. Many key chains are small flashlights, compasses, calculators, razors, discount cards, bottle opener, security tokens and USB flash drives. Whatever you want to keep on your key ring, be it your car keys, the house keys or your Tamagotchi, do yourself a favor: buy a key ring that is timeless and durable. At Trayvax you will find a wide variety of accessories for key chains and key chains for daily transport. Our key chains are made of the same materials that you can find in our carefully crafted wallets. Do not buy a cheap key ring with the risk of losing your EDC; choose something you can count on.

CDC recommends an alcohol-based hand disinfectant with at least 60 percent alcohol. Wear a bottle on your key ring and you will be ready next time in a place where running water is scarce, but there is delicious street food, for example. Every time you want some money, a credit card and a place to store a small item or two without taking a whole bag on your adventure, look for the modest exchange bag.

Take self-defense later by cutting a pocket knife on your key ring with a carabiner. A pocket knife like the Trayvax Trek field knife is not only useful for camping trips, but can also be used to protect yourself in case of an attack. To add a little personality to your Toyota key ring, consider this mini-lanyard TRD.

They are also a great gift and a nice accent for your favorite bag or clutch. You definitely want to have the Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob with you when you go out, just in case. The light key ring bends as a portable light source and emergency lighting in case you need rescue (visible up to 30 feet away). The ring makes it easy to slide on your key ring and the tip of the crystal breaker is very handy wherever you are.