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Do you know that he can only stab a few dollars at a time?? Good to know at those times when they don’t have enough money to fill the car. Periodic inspections are required in many jurisdictions to ensure the accuracy of fuel machines. For example, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services conducts periodic calibration and fuel quality tests on individual dispensers. The department also conducts random undercover inspections with specially designed vehicles that can verify the accuracy of the dispensers.

Pull the trigger from the mouthpiece to start pumping. Once the mouthpiece is secured in your tank, pull the handle completely to pump the gas. Hold the trigger 5 gallon gas tank nozzle firmly while the gas is pumping, otherwise the power will stop. When you reach the amount you paid or when your tank becomes full, the pump stops immediately.

This vital emission system repairs the vapors of your fuel tank and burns them in the engine. This is done to prevent them from entering the atmosphere. You will find that each different type of fuel is color-coded differently to help you identify them more easily.

Whether you’re a roadway veteran or a new one behind the wheel, knowing how to safely pump your own fuel is essential for driving and owning a car. Carefully remove the mouthpiece from your gas tank and place it back in the pump where it was when it stopped. Return the cap to the tank, make sure it is properly closed and close the gas tank door.

At some petrol stations you can pay after pumping the gas. Check the gas pump screen to see if you have to pay before pumping. Do not attempt to complete it or it may also damage your onboard steam recovery system.

Pull the lever over the nozzle to start the fuel flow. Some older pumps may require you to turn the nozzle holder over to tell the pump that it is ready to start the sweet, sweet gas flow. Now that you know how to safely pump gasoline, it’s time to learn more about how to stay safe while behind the wheel. Click here to try a free demo of our online defensive driving courses. These courses can not only help you learn road safety laws and prevent car accidents, but can also lower your insurance rates or remove points from your driver’s license.