Easy Video Links

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If you’ve ever seen any of Jason Moffat’s videos, you’d think the dude is drunk 24/7. And maybe he is. But that didn’t stop him from making Easy Video Sales: a marketing plan where even alcoholic slackers can cash in on the explosion of online video and Internet shopping.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn about the way a dude acts, as long as he’s dropping pearls of actionable wisdom. And Jason Moffatt seems to do a lot of that. Apparently, the guy is a reluctant marketing genius. After being dragged out of his survivalist cabin in the great woods of the Pacific Northwest, and tutored on rudimentary human interaction skills, Jason exploded onto the affiliate marketing scene with his ghetto video skills.

The proper police are outraged by Moffatt’s antics, but it really doesn’t matter. He could be drowning puppies, robbing old ladies and voting for John McCain and I would still listen to him, if the things that slip from his inebriated tongue make me money.

Apparently, there are some very smart gurus out there that feel the same. Thus, Mr. Moffatt is allowed to put the fear of god into the first 10 rows of shocked audience members at massive superstar seminars put on by the likes of Frank Kern and Jeff Walker. Even the Stomper Net clan begged him to bring his circus act to Atlanta for one of his patented public debauchery displays.

You may not like the over-the-top sombrero, two-fisted drinking, ADHD, nor nachos. You may be repulsed by his adolescent antics, obnoxious raspy voice and shameless plugging of the latest woo woo raw “power foods,” but before you ignore him, check out a few of the gems I gleaned from his presentation:

  • Want a clickable link to your site or an affiliate site? Put the your link first in the description field of your video, and make sure you add the “http://.” This makes the link viewable and hot just to the right of the video player under the “more info” link. The less steps to get viewers to your desired destination, the better.
  • What’s the fastest way to dive into a major video traffic stream on YouTube? Offer $200 to that pimply faced geek boy for his World of Warcraft video. You don’t think some 13-year-old is going to jump all over that deal? That’s a lot of cheetos and Mountain Dew. Now, you own a video that gets a quarter of a million views every two weeks. Enough eyeballs for you?
  • Step to the front of the line and siphon viewers off viral videos on subjects related to your markets. How? Make a video response. Boom. You’re right below the featured video and above all those inane text comments.
  • Make a quick and dirty affiliate product promotion video. Use Camtasia to video screen capture the sales page and talk about the main points of interest. Totally DIY, basement style, but guess what? It works