Canada The Largest Security Company

Securitas AB has more than 19 percent of the market share in the European mobile security and protection market, making it one of the largest security companies in the world. C.O.P. Security, Inc. provides professional armed and unarmed security services, armed escorts and alarm responses. G4S describes itself as the “world’s leading security and subcontracting group,” specializing in outsourcing business processes in sectors where security and protection risks are considered a strategic threat. The product portfolio includes everything from the company to the environment of the service provider, providing companies with visibility, security, performance and usability by unlocking all their data.

No entity is too small and is happy to offer quotes for various security needs for an organization of all sizes. Building Security Services is one of the most respected private security services in all of New York and the surrounding neighborhoods. They are a company known for their quick response, reliability and trained personnel who can house guards or systems in almost any industry. They offer residential, business and commercial services, construction, events or crowd control, hotel, warehouse, store security services, etc. Security USA Inc. is a New York-based security company founded after the tragic events of September 11. The original aim was to meet the unmet security needs of commercial, residential, institutional and individual customers who recognize that traditional “rent to a guard” services cannot meet current security needs.

With the mission to ruthlessly protect customers from the effects of cyber attacks, FireEye develops software and security services aimed at meeting the rapidly changing cybersecurity environment, where evolving cybercrime creates gaps that can be exploited. FireEye offers a variety of business solutions, including the flagship Helix security operations platform that applies threat intelligence, automation and case management to a security operations platform. The forensic and network security services provide companies with network visibility and protection against cyber attacks through extensive endpoint defense.

In South Africa, ADT offers 24-hour armed response and monitoring equipment. Originally known as the American District Telegraph, ADT started out as a telegraph delivery company. Then, starting in 1910, under the new AT&T leadership, he began to shift focus to other areas, such as fire and burglar alarms. In 2011, ADT had an estimated 6.4 million customers melbourne security guards and an annual turnover of $ 3.1 billion. And in 2012 it separated from the Swiss parent company Tyco International and started trading as an independent company on the New York Stock Exchange. PA Security is a dynamic and innovative security company committed to providing highly professional, reliable and cost effective security services across the country.

In 1962, the company was renamed Dynalectron Corporation, which was renamed DynCorp in 1987. DynCorp services include security operations, aviation support, intelligence, and unforeseen circumstances. The company’s annual income is more than $ 3 billion, and more than 96 percent of that figure is generated by US government contracts. USA DynCorp has supported US troops in countries such as Peru, Colombia, Somalia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Bolivia, Angola and Haiti. The company was also called upon to assist in recovery actions in Louisiana and surrounding regions after Hurricane Katrina. JN UK Security Ltd, is a full-service security company dedicated to providing professional security services with care and responsibility.

The company generated more than $ 3.04 last fiscal year, making it one of the world’s leading revenue security companies. ADT is an American company that provides electronic security, fire protection and other related emergency surveillance services for small and large companies in the United States. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, ADT also has more than 18,000 employees. In 2016, ADT was acquired by Apollo Global Management for $ 6.9 billion in a leveraged purchase, which is now the parent company.

R.E.A.C.H. 29 is an experienced full-service security company specializing in executive protection and site security. New England Security is a full-service security company with professional experience and resources to provide superior protection and … Millennium Security Services, LLC is an independent service provider for the unarmed business industry. Elite Force Group offers a wide range of security services to support the mission requirements of companies and governments. Corporate Threat Solutions, LLC offers uniformed guards, research services, prevention of workplace violence, security …

Cobalt Security Services, Inc. is a local private security company committed to setting a new standard in the security industry.